23 Ways to build your ideal practice

Process23 offers online teaching, training, and networking to help you build your ideal practice. With all of our products there is no long-term contracts and you can choose the topics that work best for your practice. Our team walks you through 23 aspects of an ideal practice along with tools and downloads to help you along the way.
When you attended dental school, becoming a dentist was a process. The procedures and methodologies that we do are a process. You spent countless hours to learn these.
Building your practice is a process. No one ever taught you this in dental school.

Dr. Goldsmith brings over 20 years of experience in owning private practices, working with a private equity group, working with hundreds of dental practices across the country and speaking to dental professionals all over the world. This knowledge along with the network that Process23 brings gives you the foundation you need to build the DNA of your ideal practice.

With Process23 you get candid and simple processes on how to build your ideal dental practice.

Course Objectives:

  1. To gain the necessary knowledge to successfully run and operate a business at the level of your desire.
  2.  Participants should be able to establish values that guide you and your team to maintain high operational competency.
  3.  The participant should be able to comprehend, calculate and monitor Key Performance Indicators.
  4.  Participants should be able to critically evaluate their practice and be able to proficiently make necessary adjustments based on a comprehension of the 23 Principles presented.
  5. The participant should be able to competently deploy tactics tactics from this course to provide higher levels of service to their patients.

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