13 Months to Transformation Coaching Program

13 Months to Transformation Coaching Program is a high performance coaching program conducted as personalized coaching webinars with your team, quarterly one-on-one phone calls, training videos for the entire team, and in groups via webinar over the course of 13 months as well as online training and CE.  As a Coaching Program participant we also include 1 FREE ticket to The Process 23 “level-up” event.

This program is about performance and getting your business operating at the level you want it to.

All of the webinars are recorded for your convenience and you also have access to our online discussions so, you can review all the information at your convenience and interact with other offices.  This program includes downloadable resources and our signature high performance format geared toward programming your mind for success according to YOUR standards.

The  program starts with a personal needs assessment, multiple touchpoint along the way and ends with another call focused on creating a personalized success strategy for your business.  The calls and webinars are structured by topic using researched methods that develop a mindset for building YOUR ideal practice.  

Each month we will have assignments and time for Q&A and mastermind.

We have also added an additional month for FREE so that you get 13 months of coaching to help you transform your practice.  When you sign-up for this program here is what you get:

13 Months to Transformation Coaching Program  - valued at over $10,000 !

Here is the value of what you get:

  • 13 Monthly Group Webinars $1,997
  • 2 Personalized coaching webinars with your team $ 997
  • 5 Phone Coaching Calls $1,497
  • 13 Monthly Training Videos $ 300
  • 12 Monthly Team Training Videos $ 600
  • 12 Month marketing plan with topics and ideas $ 500
  • 23 Ways to Build your ideal Practice online seminar $ 597
  • 23 Tips for Dental Hygienists online training $ 197
  • 23 Tips for Office Managers online training $ 197
  • 2 Part Office Manager Online Training $ 300
  • 1 FREE ticket to Process 23 “level-up” event $ 997
  • 23 CEU’s $1,840
  • 13th Month FREE $ 378

TOTAL VALUE      =     $10,397

All for ONLY ~ $378/month! for 12 Months

Topics covered are:

  • Seeking Clarity
  • Strategies
  • Communication
  • KPI's
  • Productivity
  • Energy
  • Health
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Measures
  • Phones and scripts
  • Clean and Orderly Workplace
  • Differentiation
  • Inventory management
  • Environment (Practice decor/setting)
  • 5-Star Service
  • Team buy-in
  • Scheduling
  • Becoming a FAST Manager®
  • Training you team
  • Eliminate personal distractions
  • Identify time and motion & eliminate/reduce time wasters
  • How to run lean meetings
  • Eliminate Drama
  • Physical Health
  • Procedure Mix
  • Assistants
  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Word Of Mouth Marketing
  • RAPPORT based Selling®

Plus Many downloadable resources, reference guides, powerpoints, and spreadsheets.

Get ready to transform your practice.  Start today by registering for the 13 Months to Transformation Coaching Program today!


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