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Each of the videos below are short videos under 3 minutes long with some valuable nuggets for you and your practice.

Patient Communication

Effective patient communication makes the difference

Team Meetings

Team meetings are crucial to the success of your practice, here are 7 tips to run lean meetings in your practice

Key aspects of a business

You are running a business, but are you missing something.


Be Remarkable and watch your practice grow

Love what you do

Do you love what you do? How do you remind yourself that you do love what you do?

Intraoral Camera

Every Practice needs to have intramural cameras in the operators. here is why.

The value equation

The value equation used with your patients will make a difference.

Patient Communication

The key to success for patients and dentists is great communication.

Fast Manager

Being a FAST Manager© can help you become a more effective dentist.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth Marketing is an effective means of marketing your dental practice supported by a large and emerging body of research.


Forecasting in your dental practice will help you to be more efficient and help your practice run much smoother.


How do you become more efficient in dentistry?

The #1 question

What is the #1 Question Dentists hear

Story to tell

Building a dental practice with word of mouth marketing is possible as long as you have key parts in place. Stories are the vessels that carry your story along.

Follow the STEPPS

By following current research, we can establish effective word of mouth marketing campaigns in our dental offices.


Building a great dental team.

Profit Margin

Concerned about the profit margins in your dental office? This short video introduces you to the concept of Profit Margin.

Clear Unique Process

Your process needs to be well laid out. How does your process look?

Put the Rocks in First

Did someone just screw up the schedule. Take controll now!

Have an escape phrase

Gossip in the workplace can poison your organization. You need to have an escape phrase.

Monitoring your business

You have some very special categories that you must monitor in your business, Get started not and make your business grow!

Do you stink?

Having good scents can increase you business. Have you ever remembered something that smells good. Hummmmm  Ahhhhhh

Exponential profits

What happens after the "break even Point" of your business profits. Set that plan in motion and you are off to the races.

Get organized

Something as simple as a paper and pencil to write down what is NOT organized in your practice can and will make a difference with a little action.

Have fun

If you are at work and are not having fun and do not want to be there, do you think your patients want to be there? Find ways to have fun.

Be Creative

Any new experience can breath life into a practice. When creative ideas come in, growth happens.

I hate what you are doing

Your staff may be doing something a certain way and they don't know any better. Can you change it.

Bring the energy

You are the driving force behind your practice. What is the fuel that you are using?

The 5-S Principal

How is the flow and process of your business. The 5-S principal can help your office make incredible gains.

Using 6 Sigma

Using the 6 Sigma process can help you get a handle on each process for profit in your business while keeping your patients happy.

Building a team

You are only as good as your team. By putting in the extra effort in building this vital component of your process you will take your practice to a whole new level.

Thank you notes

How may thank you notes do you write a day? How many do you need to write every day.

Rock the phones

Do you know the 5 key tips to rock the phones?

Keep your eyes open

Keep your eyes open for opportunities in your practice, with your staff, with your patients. the results will amaze you.

Do you know your flow

If you know your flow, you can raise your productivity and your patient standard of care. This will raise your bottom line!

Budget for equipment purchases

Is a vacuum the same as a laser?


How important is your budget to your practice? What happens on April 15?

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