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We all have a set of instructions called DNA. Doesn't it make sense that our Dental practices have DNA too? Often we forget about the dynamics and processes that run our practices and the DNA becomes fragmented or is not passed along. Process23 helps you build the DNA of your practice. The exciting part is, now, you can access that information online.

Process23 helping you build the DNA of your business. Additionally, you can receive CE credit since Process23 is an  AGD PACE Approved continuing education program.

What I Believe


The $3.2 Million Secret

As a Dentist you not only have to manage your own practice but your team and your patients. With you can unlock the 23 secrets that you might know but may not be implementing in a way that can help you build YOUR ideal practice. In this online video series, we unleash the $3.2 Million Dollar Secret. Why $3.2 Million? Because regardless of the size of practice that you desire, we are confident that we can help you build a successful, happy and thriving practice. $3.2 Million is just the beginning, but, many doctors would love to have a practice this big and we can equip you with the tools to help you on your way. If your plan is to keep it small but step-up your service to your patients, then you will get a lot out of too. What we give you is an online teaching forum with videos, downloadable tools, and resources and a community to exchange ideas and questions. Our goal is to help dentists understand business better and to raise the standard of care in dentistry.

Do you have the practice of your dreams?
Are you wanting to amplify your practice and take it to the next level?
Do you have all the tools and resources you need to run your ideal practice?

NEED CE Credits? can help!

Process23 offers online teaching, training, and Process23 is an Approved continuing education program

Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit.Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement. 6/30/19-6/29/22 Provider ID# 385326

With all of our products there are no long-term contracts and you can choose the topics that work best for your practice. Our team walks you through 23 aspects of an ideal practice along with tools and downloads to help you along the way.
When you attended dental school, becoming a dentist was a process. The procedures and methodologies that we do are a process. You spent countless hours to learn these.
Building your practice is a process. No one ever taught you this in dental school.

Dr. Goldsmith brings over 20 years of experience in owning private practices, working with a private equity group, working with hundreds of dental practices across the country and speaking to dental professionals all over the world. This knowledge along with the network that Process23 brings gives you the foundation you need to build the DNA of your ideal practice.

With you get candid and simple processes on how to build your ideal dental practice.

What is you ask?

In this video, Dr Goldsmith explains what Process23 is...


Is your Practice Good? or GREAT!!

No matter where you are in your practice. Implementing any new process or golden nugget the RIGHT way will increase your bottom line and improve your standard of care.

Your team and your practice need you!!

Accelerating your practice growth and building the appropriate team will help you reach the pinnacle of building the practice of your dreams. This will give you the added edge in the competitive world of Dentistry.

It's great to get CE while learning to run a better practice

Dentistry is changing. Competitive changes in the marketplace have occurred that make being an independent dentist more challenging, leading to decreased job satisfaction and burnout. Taking a course is one of the ways to recharge your practice and we all need CE.

Your team is an essential part of a high functioning practice.

With our teachings, we show you how you can build a great team.  Do you want to build the practice of your dreams? Do you want a team that is in sync with you and each other?  Is your team striving to have more of an ownership mentality? Do you wish they had more buy-in? can help.

All of the teachings are concise and to the point.  You won't have to waste hours in front of your computer waiting for the information. Better yet, you can select the teachings that are most applicable to you in the time that is right for you.

Watch our many short videos

We call them Quick Bites for Dentistry and they cover many topics ranging from marketing to accounting and they are all less than one minute.


Dentistry is changing and our patients have more choices than ever before. Furthermore, larger groups have bigger marketing budgets and can out-market traditional dental practices. shares with you techniques, ideas and strategies to help you differentiate your practice and not have to spend what larger group practices have to spend with their marketing budgets.

Ready to level-up now?

Want to know more about ? Visit our store to learn more about all 23 strands of DNA involved in

All businesses need a process to succeed

Do you want a consultant coming into your practice to tell you what "THE" ideal practice should look like? Instead, build YOUR ideal practice. can help!

We have brought together a team of experts that cover topics like...

Creating a clean and orderly workplace, differentiation, 5-Star service, how to build a great team, scheduling techniques, being a Fast Manager©, Training, how to run lean meetings, how to eliminate drama in your office, physical health, procedure mix, assistants, monitors, KPI’s, forecasting, budgeting, strategic marketing, word of mouth marketing that really works, RAPPORT based Selling©.

Each section is concise and to the point so you can get back to providing patient care.  Also, each section includes downloads, interviews, or supplemental information to help you build the DNA of your ideal business.


Course Objectives:

  1. To gain the necessary knowledge to successfully run and operate a business at the level of your desire.
  2. Participants should be able to establish values that guide you and your team to maintain high operational competency.
  3. The participant should be able to comprehend, calculate and monitor Key Performance Indicators.
  4. Participants should be able to critically evaluate their practice and be able to proficiently make necessary adjustments based on a comprehension of the 23 Principles presented.
  5. The participant should be able to competently deploy tactics tactics from this course to provide higher levels of service to their patients.

Image Authenticity: It is the policy of that all visual images, electronic or otherwise, used during AGD courses do not misrepresent or falsify the treatment outcome. If corrections have been made to any images to better demonstrate an educational topic, these corrections must be fully explained and disclosed to the audience so as to ensure that no member of the audience believes that the image presented was not in its natural state.

AGD Subject Code: 550

"This is a really rich program. I've had a coach and have a great practice. The price on this program was a "no-brainer" so I gave it a try. It really helped me amp my practice up a notch"


" was easy to use, an incredible value and not only did I watch all the videos, I had my team watch many of them too. Highly Recommended!"

Trisha F.

"I loved this course! It captures all the essential elements of what a practice needs to be successful. This should be a requirement for anyone before they build a dental practice."

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